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Hua Hin:

Property On The Golf Course


Black Mountain Golf Course


If you like golf, Hua Hin is the destination for you. We have countless golf courses. You can be either professional, advanced, intermediate or beginner golfer. There are so many world class golf courses to choose from that it does not matter.

There is a golf course for all levels. And, with around 12 golf courses to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Some of the team members at Property For Sale Hua Hin have lost plenty of golf balls on them.

From the internationally recognised Black Mountain and Banyan golf courses, to the lesser known courses that are easier for beginners (and easier on the pocket) like Sea Pine and Sam Roi Yod golf course near the sea, there is a course for everyone, every skill level and every budget.

The sea and island views from The Banyan’s golf course are breathtaking. And, the steep cliffs and mountains of Sam Roi Yod golf course on the edge of the national park, are stunning.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player with a low or even handicap, and you simply want to get some advice or coaching, there is an excellent selection of professional golf teachers to choose from in Hua Hin too.

palm hills hua hin

Palm Hills Villa, Hua Hin


Some of the teaching pros are native Thai nationals. There are some good foreign teachers here too. There is also a great selection of driving ranges located throughout Hua Hin. Some of the driving ranges are directly on the golf courses while some are just golfing ranges.

If you are really into golf and don’t want to leave the golf course, why not buy a property on one of the golf courses in Hua Hin? For example, both Palm Hills golf course and Black Mountain golf course offer a good selection of property overlooking the fairways and holes.

You can choose from one level pool villas, to 2 level houses or even condo apartments if you would like to be higher and benefit from the great views and cooling breezes.  

Golf courses like Black Mountain and Palm Hills offer beautiful houses and condominiums for all budgets too. You can choose from smaller pool villas and condos up to very large 2 and even 3 level luxury houses with very large land plots and penthouse condos with sweeping panoramic views of the golf courses.

Black Mountain Condos


Finally, no matter whether you want to invest in some of the property for sale on the golf courses, just play golf, or do both, Hua Hin offers many golf courses and golf course properties.

What’s more, all of them are within 10 to 20 minutes’ drive from Hua Hin town centre. You can drive yourself, catch a tuk tuk, ride a motorbike, or call the golf course to arrange a taxi for you. Have fun out there and try not to lose too many balls.

Whatever you are looking for, Hua Hin will have just want you need and more. Some of our staff of Property For Sale Hua Hin can play golf. Some of them cannot. But, after living here for more than a decade, our sales team have plenty of time to keep practicing.

And, if anyone reading this article would like to invite us for a game, our golf clubs are ready to go. We are waiting for any chance to get out of the office and get out there to hit some golf balls amongst the swaying palm trees!

Surely, you can’t just expect us to be working selling property all the time. 

Author: Simon Pinnock

New Hua Hin Hotel:

The Holiday Inn

Khao Takieb


holiday inn hua hin

Holiday Inn, Hua Hin


The Holiday Inn Hua Hin, is finally here. And, it was worth the wait: it is spectacular. It has amazing views across its large infinity edge swimming pool, the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin beach, Khao Takieb fishing village, Hua Hin city, and the hills. The view is truly panoramic and one-of-a-kind in Hua Hin.

The Holiday Inn offers around 300 rooms, all in a beautiful, modern style. There are many features like gorgeous bars, fine dining restaurants, fitness and spas to choose from. The food is sensational, mouth-watering and the choice is endless.

Choose from the international menus offering for example juicy prime steaks to mouth-wateringly Asian cuisine like succulent giant prawns, the freshest of fish and tantalising crab.

pool holiday inn hua hin

Holiday Inn, Hua Hin, Infinity Pool


There are 27 floors. The infinity edge swimming pool is located one of the highest floors: you really have to see the view in person to believe it. There is also a Viewing Sky Deck on the top of the building.

And, there is a special glass floor viewing balcony for anyone brave enough to walk out onto it. You will have to stare down all the way to the ground. Simon of Property For Sale Hua Hin tried it just after the official opening. It is not for the faint-hearted.

The Holiday Inn Hua Hin is connected to the famous Vana Nava Water Jungle Park. So, it is ideal for the whole family to simply walk out of the reception and enjoy the park, rides, slides and selection of great restaurants on offer. There are 19 slides and rides to enjoy, with some designed for younger children and some designed for adults.

One of the best things about this hotel are the views. Without doubt, you can spend all day up in the pool, swimming up to the infinity edge, looking out across the Gulf of Thailand.

hua hin skyline

Holiday Inn, Hua Hin, City View


Come along and enjoy the views, the first-class service, the sensational food and the amazing bars and spas on offer. The Holiday Inn Hua Hin offers something for everyone with www.hotels.com scoring the hotel a very impressive 8.6 rating.

With so many features like its conference centre, limo service, child care centre, children’s club, computer station, free WiFi and car parking for free, the Holiday Inn Hua Hin has it covered.

Finally, if you fancy some sightseeing and attractions within close proximity of the hotel, you can visit Khao Takieb fishing village, Cicada Arts and Crafts market, Sea Pine golf course, True Arena Sports Complex, Blu Port shopping mall and Market Village shopping mall.

The Holiday Inn Hua Hin comes highly recommended. Property For Sale Hua Hin have visited pretty much all the hotels in Hua Hin and can confirm it is impressive. It undoubtedly makes the choice of choosing from other big five-star hotels in Hua Hin like The Hilton, The Hyatt, Centara and The Intercontinental just that little bit more difficult.

Author: Simon Pinnock

Legal Advice: The Importance of Due Diligence When Buying Property


Legal Advise


This article could be one of the most important articles you will read if you are seriously thinking about buying a house or condominium in Hua Hin.

Like anywhere in the world, buying your own property should be and is, a very exciting and rewarding thing to do. Buying property in Hua Hin, Thailand, is no different.

Whether you are buying property to live in full time, or to live in part-time and rent out part-time, or, if you are buying to rent out to make a passive income, the rules are no different. You should use reputable and trusted legal advice. They will execute full due diligence for you. And, always combine that with employing a reputable, trusted and very experienced real estate agent.

The more well-known the legal advisor the better. Also, choose a real estate agent that is also well-known. Even better, if they have lived – and worked in real estate in Hua Hin – for a minimum of 10 years. For example, the owner of Property For Sale Hua Hin, Simon Pinnock, has lived and worked solely in real estate in Hua Hin, since June 2006. Experience is invaluable.

hua hin legal checks

Due Diligence


Property For Sale Hua Hin, only recommend trusted, respected, long-established legal companies. Our team have recommended only a few legal companies for over a decade. The reason for that is simple: the 3 legal companies we recommend are especially reliable, exceptionally knowledgeable and even more importantly, thoroughly experienced.

Our clients are of course more than welcome to source their own legal advisors. And, if our clients do their home work properly and do their due diligence thoroughly as we suggest, they will probably be employing Chavalit and Partners, Expat Pro and Khun Tom of Tom The Lawyer’s Office that we only recommend.

What Do Legal Advisors Do?

Firstly, your appointed legal advisor will execute full due diligence. In short, this means they will check that for example, the seller of the land, pool villa, house or condo that you are interested in buying, is actually theirs to sell. They will check whether that seller is legally allowed to sell the property; and if there are any debts, mortgages or encumbrances on the property.

Secondly, they will write new contracts or review existing contracts. They will also ‘hold your hand’ all the way from the initial payment of the reservation deposit that holds your property until the transfer of the property is executed at the local government Hua Hin Land Department. There, they will also make sure that everything is completed competently and more importantly, legally too. They will also make sure that all transfer fees and taxes are paid.

If you do not cut any corners, and use trusted legal advisors that have dedicated offices and combine that with trusted real estate agents that also have dedicated offices, you will be just fine.

Some real estate companies can literally disappear over night as they have no offices; they have no work permits and so are working illegally. They also have no bank Trust Accounts in which to securely hold any deposits or down payments.

hua hin pool villa

Pool Villa – Orchid Palm Homes 7 


In the end, trust, long-term experience, accountability and traceability are so important when it comes to safeguarding your hard-earned money. Don’t take chances and you will find that buying your dream property in Hua Hin will be fun, exciting and rewarding.

Author: Simon Pinnock



Buying Property in Hua Hin, Thailand:

A Step-By-Step Guide

hua hin steps



Buying property in Hua Hin, Thailand, when done step-by-step and in a careful manner and combined with due diligence, will be a rewarding, enjoyable experience. If you decide to cut corners, things could turn out differently. But, follow some simple steps and you will end up with your sun-drenched dream property in the tropical resort beach town of Hua Hin.

Where should I start? That is simple: from the beginning of course. Do your research. Then do some more research. Forewarned is forearmed. The more knowledge you gather about your destination, chosen property, chosen developer, chosen real estate agent, laws and customs etc, the safer you will be. You must also study the laws regarding purchasing property in Hua Hin.

You need to know what you can do and what you cannot do. And, more importantly, what you can legally buy and what you cannot legally buy. But, don’t worry, that is where legal advisors and real estate agents come in.

OK, let’s get started. You have decided what house you want to buy, why you want to buy it, and where you want to buy it and with whom. You have seen photos of the property on a real estate website. You have contacted a real estate company and you liked the service they provided you. You have decided that you will live in the property part-time. And, that you want to rent it out for a passive income while it is empty. So, what next?

hua hin questions

Ask Questions


You should ask as many questions as possible about the property before you decide to travel half way across the world to see it. But, what questions?

For example, is the property on a completed development? If it is not on a completed development what is the probable completion time for not just the house but the development too? How long has the development been under construction? Is it possible it may never be completed and you end up spending your annual holidays on a noisy construction site?

What kind of construction warranty will be provided – 1 year, 2 years, 5 years? Who will be my neighbours? Could there be a military shooting range nearby? Where is the water sourced? is the electric and water supplied by the government or by the developer? Who manages the communal facilities like security, refuse collection, shuttle services?

If the property is already built, how is the property currently owned? Is it in a company and if so is that company a legitimate trading company or a ‘shelf company’ set up solely with the purpose of putting the land in the name of the company to overcome Thai law, which is not recommended?

Is the land currently leased by someone else? How many previous developments has the developer completed? How many houses has he built? What is the developer’s after-sales service like? As you can see, there is lots to think about.

If you decide that buying the property in the name of a ‘shelf company’ is risky and not for you, you must take out a lease on the land, but, is the seller able to give a lease? Does the land have an allocation license enabling the land to be transferred into a Thai name who will then offer the lease? Does the land have a mortgage on it?

Is the seller the actual owner of the land or someone simply acting on behalf of someone else? Is there a construction permit for the house on which the land sits? Is there already a mortgage on the land? What costs are involved regarding taxes and transfer fees? Will you put the land in the name of a Thai person and take out a usufruct over the land? And so on.

ask questions

Keep Checking


As you can see, outlined above are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered before parting with your hard-earned life savings when buying property in Thailand. The objective here is not to frighten buyers away. But, simply, to make them understand that buying property in another country may be completely different and more complex than it is in their country of origin.

Therefore, consulting a reputable, experienced, real estate company with many years’ experience in property in Thailand, could well safeguard your investment; answer the questions above along with many others; and more importantly, give you complete peace of mind. Do it the correct way. Do not cut corners. Then you will only have to do the job once.

So, all I have to do is put all my trust in a real estate agent then I am guaranteed my dream home – correct? No, not correct. Any reputable real estate agent, after they have helped you source a property that fits your budget, style, and specific purpose, should then recommend that you employ an independent lawyer that is reputable, knowledgeable and experienced.

An independent lawyer will not only check that the contract you are about to sign is a contract that is in your best interests and possibly add or remove clauses, but they will also check the person selling the property is allowed to sell it. They will also check there is no mortgage on the land.

And, for example, that the land has a proper title and that there are no roads due to be built in your back yard. They will also review existing contracts or prepare new contracts and take care of the full transfer of ownership from seller to buyer at the official Land Transfer department.

due diligence hua hin property

Do Your Homework


There is one final step to put in place. And, that responsibility is down to you – homework and personal due diligence. But, what can I do because I do not know much about property in Thailand? Well, for example, you could ask other people what their opinion is of the real estate agent that you are using; the property you wish to buy, the location, the development and ask about the developer that you are about to buy from.

Also, you can look on the Internet and even knock on the neighbours’ doors near the property that you want to buy. Neighbours have a habit of telling the truth. Once all this is completed and you have had the title search completed, sale and purchase agreement signed, payment has been made, you are then ready to register ownership and take possession of your dream home in the sun.

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all the steps and questions that need to be addressed before buying property in an article as brief as this. However, if you follow the guidelines above, you will certainly give yourself the very best chance of buying the best property that will suit you. And, more importantly, you will be investing in a property that you will be more than happy with and that is 100% safe and secure.

Author: Simon Pinnock



A Guide to Renting Property in Hua Hin


house fore rent hua hin

Hua Hin, Actual Rental Home, The Clouds 2


Is renting property easier than buying property? Of course, renting a property in Hua Hin, Thailand, is a lot more straightforward than if you are looking to invest in a property long term. The cost will be much more minimal compared to that of buying a property. Therefore, monetary risk is minimal.

If you are thinking of buying a pool villa or condo in Hua Hin but are not yet quite sure, testing the water with a holiday rental is a good way to start off and see if you like it here. If you do like it, then maybe there is no point in continually lining someone else’s pocket with rental money. And, maybe it will then be time to look to buy your own property that you could rent out and make money from.

So, you do not need to check laws, rules, taxes and regulations so it is a lot less work. Still, that is not to say that you should be any less careful and vigilant when looking for your ideal holiday rental home in sunny Hua Hin. The chances are, you will be like many visitors who only have one holiday per year and want to escape from the wind, rain and cold. Therefore, you want to get it right first time.

So, the steps are similar to buying property. Search out a real estate company, review their website; find your holiday property, then, start asking questions. If you do not need to ask about things like legal advise, leases, companies and other ownership issues, what do you need to ask?

holiday home hua hin

Actual Rental Home, Red Mountain Villas


OK, you want to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. You do not want to end up having to complain about something and your real estate agent does not want to have to listen to you complaining about something either!

So, ask about what the neighbourhood is like. Is it a completed development and peaceful? Are there houses being built next door to my holiday home? Is the holiday home fenced in? Or, can Thai soi dogs run around the area all day and all night causing not only unpleasant mess but sleepless nights every night as they fight, howl and bark with their doggy friends?

Is the condo actually a ’2-minute walk to the beach’ as advertised or is it actually a 10-minute drive in a car? Is there a sense of community with some shops, bars, restaurants and laundry facilities or will I feel like I am isolated and on the moon? Is the water reliable or does it run out sometimes? Is it family-friendly?

family holiday hua hin

Family Holidays in Hua Hin


Is there an Internet connection and I can I receive WiFi in my room or just in the lobby or reception area? Can I watch satellite TV and can I pay to upgrade the package for football and movies or will I only get Thai cable TV? Is Internet and satellite TV included in the price? Is air-con included in the price?

Will my belongings be insured while I am in the property? How can I arrange cleaning, laundry and can I check in at 03:00am in the morning? Is the property fully equipped with full bedding and kitchen equipment? When and how will I get my deposit back? Are there enough sun beds for four people around the pool?

Can I book a taxi to pick me up at the airport? Will the rental company be able to organize reputable car hire for me? Can they recommend tourist places that are worth going to see and the ones that are not worth going to see? And so on.

Once again, these questions are not meant to put you off; in fact, quite the opposite. When you have as many of your questions answered as possible, you should be guaranteed a peaceful and relaxing time in your dream destination. And, from experience, many of our rental clients eventually go on to buy property from us.

rental house hua hin

Actual Pool Villa for Rent in Hua Hin


All in all, make sure you try to find out about most of the above highlighted points. Hua Hin Property For Sale have been in a Hua Hin a very long time and are here to help you all the way. So, when you have found your pool villa, completed your homework and found out enough information, the only thing you will have to worry about while on your holiday is making sure you go brown enough in the tropical Hua Hin sun.

Author: Simon Pinnock




Laws Regarding Purchase of Property


know the rules in Hua Hin

The laws regarding the purchase of property in Thailand are fair and clear. Strict rules apply to the purchase of condominiums and land. Follow the rules and you will have no problems at all.

For foreigners who wish to buy condominiums otherwise known as apartments or flats in Thailand, the process is straightforward and easy. Condominiums can be bought freehold by foreigners in Thailand. You can buy them 100% in your own name and own them forever.

You must though, check that no more than 49% of the total floor space of the complete condominium complex has already been purchased by foreigners. This can be easily and safely checked via your reputable independent lawyer and with the Juristic office that will hold current records of the owners of the condos. In Hua Hin, the large majority of condos are usually purchased by Thais anyway, therefore, this is not really too much of an issue although it should always be checked.

A foreigner wishing to purchase a condominium in Thailand must also observe the law that the money they use to purchase the condo must be sent from overseas. Again, this is a straightforward step and as long as you retain all the records of your money being sent from overseas to Thailand, you can then purchase a condo freehold.

Also, should you ever wish to sell your condo at some stage in the future and send your money back to your home country, you can do so legally and easily with no taxes to pay unless of course you have a made a profit and you will be taxed on that profit.

It is generally not possible for foreigners to own land in Thailand in their own name. If you wish to purchase a house or pool villa you will then need to register a lease for the land. The maximum time period for a lease is currently 30 years and this must be registered at the official government Land Department.

A lease of less than 3 years does not need to be officially registered at the Land Department. The good news is that leases are 100% renewable and leases are 100% assignable.

More good news: although you cannot own land in Thailand, you may own the building that is built on the land. You will have two contracts when purchasing house and land. One will be a lease contract while the other contract will be a house purchase contract.

Hua Hin Contracts

You must however apply for planning permission from the local municipality office and your building plans will have to be certified by a qualified engineer or qualified architect. It is also possible for a foreigner to buy property while overseas and not be physically present in Thailand.

By using power of attorney you can instruct a lawyer to act on your behalf to complete the whole process. However, and as previously outlined, in most cases, unless you know someone very well who can vouch for the property, area, build quality, developer, views etc, it is recommended that you visit the property and location in person in order to minimize any potential risk. Hua Hin Property For Sale do this for all our clients.

All sounds simple enough. So, I presume there is only one type of title deed in Thailand so I do not need to worry, right? Wrong. In Thailand there are different title deeds. You have the highest ranked, which is freehold title or chanote nor sor 4, which gives you complete rights over the land.

Then, you have Nor Sor 3 Gor, which is also safe and is just awaiting full title status and banks will give mortgages on this land. Then, comes Nor Sor 3, where the land has never even been measured so this could be highly risky. Finally, comes the Possessory Right – not recommended and not substantiated by the government.

Smart House 2 Villas, Hua Hin


Finally, your appointed legal advisor and real estate company will help you through the whole process step-by-step. As mentioned elsewhere, buying property in Hua Hin will be a very rewarding experience as long as you do not cut corners and employ highly reputable people to assist and advise you from start to finish.

Author: Simon Pinnock


Property Transfer Taxes and Fees:

A General Guide


Property transfer taxes and fees

Thailand is a beautiful, exotic, friendly and very relaxed destination. It may also seem a world away from many Western countries. But, taxes and fees related to property still apply.

There are various taxes and fees to consider when renting or buying property in Hua Hin, Thailand. If you decide to rent out your sea view condo on the beach or your private pool villa nestled in the hills overlooking Hua Hin, you are legally required to pay tax on the rent that you generate. Any property that is classed as immovable property that is rented is liable to House and Land tax set at 12.5%. This is based on the yearly annual rental value of the property.

Regarding sales of property, there are four taxes to consider:

Withholding Tax if the seller is a company is calculated at approx. 1% of the assessed or actual price of the property.

Specific Business Tax is calculated at approx. 3.3% of the assessed or actual price of the property.

Transfer Fee is calculated at approx. 2% of the assessed price by the Land Department.

Stamp Duty must also be paid by the Seller – unless in the case that Specific Business Tax is liable.

Note: taxes and fees can go up and down regularly and are a guideline line only

As you can see, Specific Business Tax is the highest tax here. This tax has been implemented by the government with the purpose to try to stop speculators buying property and selling it on quickly or ‘flipping’ it in order to make healthy profits. Specific Business Tax is also commonly known as speculative taxation.

If you were to buy a property and own it for less than 5 years and then sell it, you could be liable to tax up to approx. 6% of the total value of the property. As an example, a house valued at 5 million THB could pay transfer fees and taxes of approx. 250,000 THB.

If you were to buy a property and sell it after 5 years the cost is reduced by approximately half that amount.


In general, at the point of a property sale as a goodwill gesture to seal the deal, most buyers and sellers usually happily sit down together and agree to share the transfer fees and taxes 50-50 anyway.

Author: Simon Pinnock




Brokers and Agents


hua hin brokers and agents

If you have already read the topics called Buying Property in Hua Hin, Thailand: A Step-By-Step Guide and A Guide To Renting Property in Hua Hin, you should already have a very good idea of how important real estate agents or brokers can be when buying property in Hua Hin, Thailand.

A reputable real estate agent will do their very best to find you a property that fits exactly with what your requirements are. What’s more, after reading the following, it should become clear that trying to deal direct with a reseller or developer will not always save you money but could have the opposite effect by costing you more.

There are some excellent real estate agents in Hua Hin. Good agents will have generated good names for themselves over time. They will also very likely have their own offices, along with sign-written cars in Hua Hin so they are accountable and can be contacted face-to-face if need be.

Perhaps, meeting your real estate agent for the first time in a car park or in the Hilton Hotel coffee bar and then visiting property in an unmarked car may not be quite as confidence-instilling as meeting them in their office in the centre of Hua Hin.

Agents are also up to date with any changes in the laws regarding purchasing property. They employ Thai staff who keep in very close contact with the Land Department – a government office that deals with all matters related to buying and selling property – so that they are kept informed if, for example, a transfer tax is due to be increased or if the cost of registering a lease is due to be lowered.

Sometimes, the Thai government decides to stimulate the economy therefore reducing particular taxes and transfer fees in order to achieve this outcome.

Real estate agents will also know what current promotions are available at the time. Because of the relationship built up between developer and agent, it is usually possible to negotiate free products like air-con units and Jacuzzis; extended payment plans can also be organized; along with free furniture packages and so on. And, because your real estate agent is your man-on-the-ground they will always be up to date with what properties are worth buying and what is happening in Hua Hin.

orchid paradise villas hua hin

Orchid Paradise Villas, Hua Hin


The agent will know if a developer is about to start a promotional campaign or if a re-sale property seller is getting desperate and may be about to lower their price or offer. Therefore, warning you in advance not to buy just yet and saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Agents are also happy to check the progress of your house or condo being built if off-plan. They will periodically take photos for you and email them to you so that you know your stage payments are being used to build your property and not to pay for developers’ all-night drinking sessions. Agents also know of developers with reputations. Some have reputations for bad quality – or bad service – or no after-sales service at all.

Agents also are aware of the best up-and-coming locations in which to invest. They will know if a golf course is about to be constructed or if something undesirable is being built nearby. Of course, the brokers and agents can also liaise with your independent lawyer too if you have any questions.

Would a developer or re-sale seller inform you that the neighbourhood of the property in which you are going to buy with your complete life savings gets noisy at night? And, that there are groups of wild dogs running around or that there is a noisy Thai market 3 times a week on your doorstep or that there is a noisy nightclub nearby? Highly unlikely.

Quite simply, Hua Hin is a relatively small town. Everybody knows everybody and it is very friendly and a very safe place to be. Of course, when a town is relatively small and everybody knows everybody, people talk. Word gets around. Therefore, in a small town it would be only too easy to build up a reputation for lack of professionalism or worse.

For certain, real estate companies and brokers can advertise all they want on the Internet, in the newspapers, in magazines and brochures, on the television and on the radio. Nevertheless, word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing and branding.

Just as easy as bad practice from a company will spread around a town like wildfire, so too will the merits of those companies who are providing exactly what its clients are looking for: professionalism, honest advice and integrity.

hua hin beach reflection

Hua Hin Beach, Looking North


Finally, always employ a broker or agent to guide you through so you can enjoy your property and Hua Hin’s beauty for as long as you decide to live here.


Author: Simon Pinnock






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