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Property Trends, Hua Hin

Posted by Simon Pinnock on May 11, 2018

aria pool villas hua hin

Above photo: Hua Hin’s exciting new Aria Pool Villas Development    http://www.ariahuahin.com/

Is now a good time to buy in Hua Hin, Thailand? Are property prices going up? Are property prices going down? Are property prices staying the same?

Yes. It is a good time to buy in Hua Hin. The resale market is saturated with properties of both condominiums and swimming pool villas. Because of the sheer amount out there, competition is fierce. Therefore, for resellers to be able to sell and move on with their lives, they are being forced to reduce their prices.

So, it is unquestionably a buyers’ market for resale property. Also, if you have the cash at hand, you are in the driving seat even more so regarding offering less than market value. If you need time to pay off the sales price, or need a staggered payment plan, resellers are understandably sometimes less likely to be flexible on the price they ask.

aria hua hin side view

Regarding new pool villa and house developments, it is also a fantastic time to buy in Hua Hin. if we consider that 10 to 15 years ago when properties were being built, the choice of materials like doors, windows, premium line kitchens, bathrooms etc was very limited. But now, developers have access to the same quality materials that are available in the Western World. Therefore, top of the line materials are now installed as standard. So, you are getting far better value than what you were 10 or more years ago.

black mountain kitchen hua hin

Above photo: Black Mountain Golf Villas: actual kitchen

Are property prices going up? In general, they stay the same. Condominiums on the beach occupy the best location so they will never lose value. However, most of the new developments in Hua Hin tend to remain the same price when reselling. The few exceptions are The Clouds and newer developments from Orchid Palm Homes like Mali and Mali Prestige. They see on average a rise in value of around 15 to 20 percent.

Aria – the exciting new high quality swimming pool villa development – has started construction of its 1st show house. The developer has a lot of experience building houses and developments in Hua Hin and Cha-am and is backed by the Mayor of Cha-a. Therefore, safety and security will be the best in Hua Hin.

The land title is full chanote – the highest and safest land title in Thailand. The construction materials will be the same as Palm Villas and The Clouds. These 2 developments are highly respected in Hua Hin for their style, quality, value for money and incredibly high construction quality. They are also very popular for holiday rentals and very easy to sell on again.



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